IBM Introduces watsonx.governance for AI Governance

Image of IBM Watsonx Logos

IBM’s focus on enterprise-readiness continues with its announcement of watsonx.governance, designed to assist business in managing and governing AI models, will be generally available in early December.

Dell Partners with Hugging Face & Meta for Enterprise AI

Dell AI

Dell and Hugging Face are working together to aid enterprise adoption of AI by providing a platform where businesses can easily select, deploy, and fine-tune AI models for their specific use cases using Dell’s infrastructure.

Research Note: AMD ROCm 6 Software Stack


At its AI-focused event on December 6, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) introduced the latest release of its ROCm software stack, marking a significant update in the field of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). The new release introduces enhancements that align closely with the company’s latest hardware, notably the MI300 series GPUs.

Research Note: Microsoft’s New Processor & Accelerator

Image of a Cloud

At its recent Microsoft Ignite event, the company announced the launch of the Azure Cobalt 100 CPU and the Maia 100 AI accelerator, marking a significant pivot in Microsoft’s approach to its cloud infrastructure and representing the company’s commitment to driving innovation in high-performance computing and AI.

Research Note: Amazon’s New Graviton4 & Tranium2


Amazon introduced generational updates to both its Graviton and Tranium custom silicon solutions at its recent re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

This Research Note delves into the intricacies and potential impacts of these latest innovations from AWS.

Research Note: Inside IBM’s Advances in Software Development for Quantum Computing

Illustration of the IBM Quantum System Two

Recognizing that these scientists require tools that integrate seamlessly with their existing workflows while simplifying the complexities of quantum mechanics, IBM introduced a suite of innovative solutions at its recent Quantum Computing Summit.

At the forefront of these advancements is Qiskit 1.0, a significant upgrade to IBM’s open-source quantum computing software development kit, which simplifies the process of programming quantum computers.

Research Note: Inside IBM’s Developments in Quantum Processing & Platforms

Illustration of the IBM Quantum System Two

IBM this week announced significant advancements in both quantum processors and platforms for quantum computing at its Quantum Summit 2023. At the event, IBM highlighted several significant advancements in quantum computing, showcasing the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of this revolutionary technology.