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NAND Research brings together the insights that only a top-tier industry analyst can provide with a modern social-media-savvy approach to messaging frameworks, content, and delivery.
NAND works with some of the biggest names in enterprise IT to help bring the right products to market, while helping enterprise IT organizations make smarter decisions about emerging technologies and vendors. 
NAND Research was founded by a team of top industry analysts, all former executives in tier-one technology companies. The team’s deep expertise includes product marketing and messaging, business model development, and technology strategy.

Research Notes

Research Note: Google Trillium TPU

The Trillium TPU, Google’s sixth-generation TPU, was announced at Google I/O. It promises unprecedented compute performance, memory capacity, and energy efficiency for generative AI training and inference.

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Research Reports

Research Brief: IBM & Palo Alto Networks Strategic Partnership

IBM and Palo Alto Networks recently entered into a groundbreaking partnership, driving a substantial shift in the cybersecurity landscape. The new collaboration leverages each company’s strengths to enhance AI-powered customer security outcomes, while also moving IBM’s QRadar offering to Palo Alto Networks.

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Research Report: Taming the AI-enabled Edge with HCI-based Architectures

Despite the tremendous business benefits of edge computing, it arrives with complex challenges, including managing geographically dispersed nodes, security risks, and integrating with existing IT infrastructure. These challenges can best be addressed with an architecture built around Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, which streamlines management and enhances performance.

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Research Paper: Oracle Database Vector Search

Oracle introduced full support for vectors, including vector search, in its just-released Oracle Database 23ai. Known as AI Vector Search, this capability represents a significant advancement in how databases can store, index, and search data semantically.

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Research Brief: Oracle Database 23ai

Oracle announced the release of Oracle Database 23ai. As its name implies, this long-term support version integrates seamlessly with artificial intelligence. Beyond new GenAI-focused features, it includes more than 300 new features that enhance app development, support mission-critical workloads, and simplify the integration of AI with data.

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Research Report: Oracle Database@Azure

Oracle and Microsoft Azure recently announced Oracle@Azure, making Microsoft Azure the only cloud provider besides Oracle itself capable of running Oracle’s database services with the performance, reliability, and security of Oracle Exadata and OCI

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Abstract image of earnings.
Steve McDowell

Quick Take: Dynatrace FQ4 2024 Earnings

Dynatrace wrapped up its fiscal year 2024 with robust financial performance and strategic advancements. The company’s ARR exceeded expectations, crossing the $1.5 billion mark, growing 20% year-over-year. This growth is bolstered by significant deals, including a landmark 9-figure TCV deal, highlighting Dynatrace’s competitive edge in the observability and AI ops markets.

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Steve McDowell

Quick Take: AWS Leadership Transition

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is undertaking a significant leadership change as longtime CEO Adam Selipsky steps down to “prioritize family time” after a 14-year tenure with the company. Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AWS, is slated to succeed Selipsky effective June 3.

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Dell AI
Steve McDowell

Quick Take: New Dell PowerEdge Models

Dell Technologies announced enhancements to its PowerEdge server portfolio. The servers are designed for versatility and aim to simplify operations across various sectors, including CSPs, small businesses, and edge operations.

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IBM Power Portfolio
Steve McDowell

Quick Take: IBM Power S1012

IBM expanded its server portfolio with the introduction of its new IBM Power S1012. Based on IBM’s Power10 processor, the new server offers up to three times more performance per core compared to its predecessor, the Power S812, in a 1-socker half-width form factor.

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  • May 20-23                     Nutanix .NEXT, Barcelona
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Research & Advisory

Product Strategy

NAND Research works with technology companies across the enterprise IT infrastructure space, including tier-one OEMs, ISVs, and semiconductor manufacturers to help align product strategy with market needs. 

Competitive Insights

As industry analysts, understanding market dynamics is what NAND Research does best. 

NAND Research provides competitive intelligence services to select customers in the enterprise infrastructure space. 

Technology Trends &
Market Intelligence

The IT infrastructure market is in a state of constant churn. Our analysts are in the midst of it all, advising investors, technology companies and IT organizations alike.

Messaging Strategy &

NAND Research works with leading technology companies in designing effective framework for talking about products, services, and innovation.

NAND leverages its multiple messaging channels to amplify your message and drive engagement.

Content Development

A messaging framework is only as good as its content. 

NAND Research works with technology companies across the spectrum to put together the content that best tells your story, whether that’s a webinar, white-paper, podcast, video, or something entirely different

IT Insights & Advisory

The NAND Research IT Advisory Council delivers benefit to technology companies and IT organizations alike: 

We help technology companies better understand the needs of IT organizations across industries, while helping enterprise IT organizations navigate a rapidly shifting technology landscape. 

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