Research Notes


Research Note: Mistral NeMo 12B Small Language Model

Mistral AI and NVIDIA launched Mistral NeMo 12B, a state-of-the-art language model for enterprise applications such as chatbots, multilingual tasks, coding, and summarization. The collaboration combines Mistral AI’s training data expertise with NVIDIA’s optimized hardware and software ecosystem, offering high performance across diverse applications.

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Research Note: AWS Updates Bedrock

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a series of significant enhancements to its Bedrock platform aimed at bolstering the capabilities and reliability of generative AI applications. These enhancements focus on improved data connectivity, advanced safety features, and robust governance mechanisms.

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Research Note: AMD Acquires Silo AI

AMD announced a definitive agreement to acquire Silo AI, Europe’s largest private AI lab, for approximately $665 million in an all-cash transaction. This acquisition aligns with AMD’s strategy to deliver end-to-end AI solutions based on open standards, enhancing its partnership with the global AI ecosystem.

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Research Note: Microsoft & IBM’s Expanded Cyber Security Alliance

Microsoft and IBM announced an enhanced collaboration to strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of clients navigating hybrid cloud environments.

The partnership leverages IBM Consulting’s industry-leading cybersecurity services and Microsoft’s comprehensive security technology portfolio to provide advanced, integrated solutions for modern security operations and cloud identity management.

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Research Note: Micron FQ3 2024 Earnings

Micron Technology delivered a strong performance in Q3 FY2024, significantly surpassing market expectations in several key areas. The company’s financial results reflect robust demand, strategic pricing, and technological advancements that position it well for future growth.

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