Is NVIDIA Lagging in Lucrative Automotive Segment?

Nvidia’s most recent earnings release is a tremendous achievement for the company, with reported revenue of $22.1 billion, up an incredible 265% year-on-year. Earnings grew an equally unbelievable 765% year-on-year.  

Its automotive revenue was $281 million.

Research Note: Arm’s New Automotive Cores

Image of Arm processors

Arm recently launched new safety-enabled AE processors incorporating Armv9 technology and server-class performance. These processors are tailored for AI-driven applications to enhance autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Research Note: Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA

Dell AI

At the 2024 NVIDIA GTC conference, Dell Technologies unveiled the Dell AI Factory with Nvidia, a comprehensive set of enterprise AI solutions aimed at simplifying the adoption and integration of AI for businesses.

Dell also announced enhancements to its flagship PowerEdge XE9680 server, including introducing Dell’s first liquid-cooled server solution, which allows the server to deliver the full capabilities of NVIDIA’s newly announced AI accelerators.

Research Note: NVIDIA & AWS’s Broad AI-Focused CollaborationResearch Note:


At the Nvidia GTC event in San Jose, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services made a series of wide-ranging announcements that showed a broad and strategic collaboration to accelerate global AI innovation and infrastructure capabilities.

The joint announcements included the introduction of NVIDIA Grace Blackwell GPU-based Amazon EC2 instances, NVIDIA DGX Cloud integration, and, most critically, a pivotal collaboration called Project Ceiba.

Quick Take: Cisco Completes Splunk Acquisition

Cisco logo

Cisco announced that it’s completed its acquisition of Splunk, positioning Cisco as one of the world’s largest software companies, with the resulting organization promising to bring a new level of visibility and insights across organizations’ entire digital landscapes.

Research Note: Google Cloud AI-Enabled Healthcare Announcements

Google Cloud

At the recent HIMSS24 event in Orlando, Google Cloud unveiled a set of new solutions designed to enhance interoperability, establish a robust data foundation, and deploy generative AI tools within the healthcare and life sciences sectors. These solutions promise to improve patient outcomes.

Research Note: Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database

Oracle SIgn

Oracle released its Globally Distributed Autonomous Database. The new offering enhances the management and processing of distributed data, ensuring top-tier scalability, availability, and adherence to data sovereignty laws for users of Oracle Database.

Research Note: NetApp Autonomous Ransomware Protection

NetApp Sign

NetApp recently announced enhanced cyber-resiliency capabilities to help customers better protect against and recover from ransomware attacks. Integrating AI and ML into its enterprise primary storage solutions, NetApp offers real-time malware protection for both primary and secondary data, irrespective of whether it’s stored on-premises or in the cloud.