Research Note: MLPerf Inference 4.0 Results

MLCommons released the results of its MLPerf Inference v4.0 benchmarks, which introduced two new workloads, Llama 2 and Stable Diffusion XL.
Since its inception in 2018, MLPerf has established itself as a crucial benchmark in the accelerator market. The benchmarks offer detailed comparisons across a variety of system configurations for specific use cases.

Research Note: Databricks DBRX LLM


Databricks launched DBRX, a new open, general-purpose Large Language Model (LLM) that sets a new benchmark for performance and efficiency.

DBRX surpasses the capabilities of existing models like GPT-3.5 while also demonstrating competitive performance with closed models such as Gemini 1.0 Pro, making it a formidable player in general-purpose applications and specialized coding tasks.

Quick Take: Observe’s $115M Series B


Observe, a SaaS observability company focused on transforming the management and analysis of machine-generated data, has secured $115 million in Series B funding. The round closed with a valuation 10x of its Series A.