What is Intent-Based Networking?

Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is an advanced approach to network management and operation that uses high-level business goals and policies to automate and manage the network. Unlike traditional network management methods that require manual configurations and constant monitoring, IBN focuses on the desired outcomes or “intent” and uses AI, machine learning, and automation to achieve those outcomes.

Quick Take: Databricks to Acquire Tabular

Databricks logo

Databricks announced its agreement to acquire Tabular, a data management company founded by Ryan Blue, Daniel Weeks, and Jason Reid. The acquisition aims to unify the Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake open-source lakehouse formats, enhancing data compatibility for organizations.

Research Note: AMD Computex MI325x & MI350 Accelerator Announcements

AMD MI300x

At the 2024 Computex event in Taiwan, AMD CEO Lisa Su revealed details about AMD’s upcoming MI350 and MI325X accelerators, follow-ons to its current MI300x products, highlighting significant advancements in AI performance and memory capacity. The new products are positioned as key components in AMD’s strategy to lead the AI accelerator market.