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Oracle Releases APEX 24.1 Low-Code Development Platform

Oracle recently announced that its APEX 24.1 low-code development platform is now available for download. It is being rolled out globally across OCI APEX Application Development and Autonomous Database Cloud Service regions.

The new release focuses on three primary pillars of innovation: AI-assisted app development, leveraging Oracle’s next-gen data platform, and enterprise-grade components for building sophisticated cloud and mobile apps.

Key Features of Oracle APEX 24.1 include:

AI-Assisted App Development

  • APEX AI Assistant: The new native AI tool enables developers to use natural language to generate SQL, perform syntax correction, and build entire apps. It simplifies the development process by understanding SQL syntax, suggesting code fixes, and automating routine coding tasks.
  • Create App Wizard: The tool allows developers to create new apps using natural language prompts, focusing on unique features rather than underlying code.
  • Conversational AI Dialogs: Developers can add out-of-the-box conversational interfaces to apps, enhancing user experience without requiring custom AI or natural language processing components.

Next-Gen Data Platform

  • AI Vector Search: Oracle Database 23ai introduces AI Vector Search, enabling semantic searches using multidimensional vectors. This capability enhances the accuracy and relevance of AI model responses by combining similarity searches with business data queries.
  • JSON Relational Duality: Combines the power of relational databases with the simplicity of JSON development.
  • Server-Side JavaScript: Supports server-side JavaScript for business logic, reducing network round trips and leveraging open-source libraries.

Powerful Enterprise Components

  • Workflow Enhancements: New features include a workflow dashboard, termination functions, and vacation rules for tasks, improving task management.
  • Enhanced Working Copy: Collaborative development features include visual indicators for changes and a comparison tool for working copies.
  • Pixel-Perfect Reports: Integrated Document Generator allows developers to create PDF documents from JSON data and Microsoft Word templates.

Analysts’ Quick Take

Oracle APEX 24.1 introduces groundbreaking AI-assisted development features that streamline app creation, enhance data platform capabilities, and provide powerful enterprise components. These innovations significantly reduce development effort and time, enabling developers to build sophisticated AI-powered applications efficiently.

Its emphasis on AI integration and advanced data platform capabilities further solidifies Oracle’s position as a leading player in the low-code development market. By bridging the gap between ease of use and powerful functionality, Oracle is well-placed to attract a wide range of developers and enterprises looking to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. This release enhances developer productivity and aligns with the growing demand for AI-driven applications across various industries.

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