HPE Zerto

Quick Take: HPE Zerto Updated Cyber Resilience Vault w/ HPE Alletra Storage MP

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, enhanced its Cyber Resilience Vault with a new HPE Alletra Storage MP integration. The integration enhances the vault’s immutability features, ensuring that data copies remain inaccessible to threat actors. It also offers a 100% data availability guarantee for the landing zone within the vault.

This integration combines Zerto’s leading recovery software with HPE’s next-generation, AI-powered high-performance storage solution to deliver a comprehensive defense mechanism against the most severe cyberattacks.

Here are the key features of the new Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault:

  1. Improved Immutability: The vault now includes enhanced immutability features that ensure data copies are completely inaccessible to threat actors. This is crucial for preventing unauthorized access or tampering with backup data, often targeted during ransomware attacks.
  2. 100% Data Availability Guarantee: With HPE Alletra Storage MP, the Cyber Resilience Vault offers a 100% data availability guarantee for the landing zone storage.
  3. AI-Powered High Performance: The vault’s integration with HPE Alletra Storage MP benefits from AI-driven efficiencies and high performance.
  4. Rapid Air-Gapped Recovery: Zerto’s vault provides rapid, air-gapped recovery capabilities, creating a secure, isolated environment where data can be safely restored without the risk of contagion from compromised systems.
  5. Zero-Trust Architecture: The vault’s design incorporates a zero-trust architecture that requires all users and devices to be authenticated and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before they are granted or keep access to applications and data.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: The Cyber Resilience Vault helps businesses maintain compliance with various state and federal regulations by ensuring that data recovery processes adhere to stringent security standards.
  7. Production-Grade, All-Flash Storage: HPE Alletra’s all-flash storage in the vault ensures high-speed data access and processing, combined with the resilience of immutable copies created through proprietary Virtual Lock technology, offering an optimal blend of performance and security.


Zerto’s updated Cyber Resilience Vault adheres to three core principles: replicate and detect, isolate and lock, and test and recover. These foundational elements, supported by the vault’s zero-trust architecture, ensure that businesses can achieve rapid, air-gapped recovery in a secure environment. Additionally, the new solution aids compliance with increasing regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of penalties.

As ransomware attacks continue to inflict severe disruptions and financial losses globally—totaling approximately $1 billion in damage in 2023 alone—the necessity for robust, reliable, and rapid recovery solutions has never been more critical. The unique combination of Zerto’s decentralized offline vault technology with the high-performance capabilities of HPE Alletra Storage MP creates a balanced solution that addresses the urgent need for security and efficiency in data recovery processes.

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