Quick Take: IBM’s Storage Assurance Program

IBM announced its new IBM Storage Assurance program. IBM’s new IT lifecycle management option aims to maximize performance and provide clients with enhanced choice and control within the data center.

IBM Storage Assurance: A Modern Approach to IT Lifecycle Management

IBM Storage Assurance offers access to IBM FlashSystem hardware and software innovations, ensuring clients’ investments are protected from day one.

The program supports the new IBM FlashSystem 5300, FlashSystem 7300, and FlashSystem 9500, delivering comprehensive updates across drives, controllers, and software.

Clients subscribing to this program will receive whole system refreshes, ensuring their storage infrastructure remains at the cutting edge without needing disruptive and costly upgrades. The subscription terms, offered in 4- or 8-year spans, include performance and lifecycle-based upgrades at predictable, flat rates.

Enhanced Capabilities and Flexibility

The Storage Assurance program is also about simplifying ownership experiences. It minimizes traditional storage lifecycle challenges such as downtime, disruptive migrations, and frequent capital expenditures. This is achieved through a modern IT lifecycle management approach that ensures the storage systems are always up-to-date, reducing operational hiccups and enhancing overall efficiency.

IBM Storage Assurance introduces several key benefits:

  • Whole System Refreshes: Comprehensive updates ensure all components are current, enhancing performance and reliability.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The all-NVMe FlashSystem portfolio supports the most demanding workloads with high performance and data-intensive capabilities.
  • AI-Powered Cybersecurity: IBM’s patented computational storage architecture includes hardware-accelerated and AI-augmented cyber threat detection.
  • Non-Disruptive Migrations: Technology designed for seamless migrations ensures minimal operational interruptions.
  • Contract Flexibility: Clients can receive trade-in credits for out-of-cycle upgrades, adding financial flexibility.


IBM’s Storage Assurance program is a significant advancement to IBM’s solutions, providing customers with enhanced performance, flexibility, and financial predictability. This aligns with market trends, addressing the growing need for efficient, high-performance storage solutions in an increasingly data-driven world.

IBM’s Storage Assurance program is now generally available, supporting a wide range of enterprise needs.

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