Quick Take: Mirantis and Portworx Collaboration

Pure Storage’s Portworx and Mirantis announced a new collaboration to address the complexities of data management in Kubernetes environments, providing enterprises with a robust solution that enhances their containerization strategies.

Key Benefits of the Integration

The integration of Portworx and Mirantis promises to deliver several compelling benefits:

  1. Dynamic Provisioning: Automated provisioning of persistent volumes on demand allows developers to focus on application development rather than storage management.
  2. Event-Driven Automation: Through its Autopilot feature, Portworx provides rule-based automation that responds dynamically to changes detected by monitoring tools like Prometheus and Sysdig, including automated tasks such as cloud snapshot creation and backup scheduling.
  3. Multi-Cloud Support: MKE supports deployments on bare metal, private clouds, and major public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP), ensuring consistent data mobility and storage integrity during migrations.
  4. GDPR Compliance: Enhanced data mobility allows enterprises to meet regulatory requirements, expand customer bases, and fulfill on-premises business needs.
  5. Dynamic Capacity Scaling: Ensures that storage resources scale efficiently with application usage, preventing data storage from becoming a bottleneck.
  6. Data Replication and Automatic Failover: Ensures high availability and resilience through synchronous and asynchronous disaster recovery methods across multiple clusters.
  7. Integrated Solution: Purpose-built for delivering containers, applications, and data management at scale, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.


The Mirantis and Portworx integration aligns with broader industry trends toward cloud-native architectures and multi-cloud deployments. Key strategic benefits include:

  • Acceleration of Container Adoption: The integration provides a seamless and automated environment for deploying stateful applications on Kubernetes, accelerating the adoption of containers within enterprises.
  • Operational Efficiency: The integration reduces the operational overhead associated with managing Kubernetes environments by automating storage operations and providing high availability.
  • Future-Proofing: The combined solution’s flexibility and scalability ensure that enterprises can adapt to future demands and technological advancements without significant infrastructure changes.

This partnership strengthens Mirantis’ position in the enterprise Kubernetes market by addressing a critical gap in stateful application management. The integration with Portworx provides a differentiated offering that combines storage automation, data mobility, scalability, and high availability in a single platform. This comprehensive approach gives Mirantis a competitive edge in attracting and retaining enterprise customers who require robust and scalable Kubernetes solutions.

Disclosure: The author is an industry analyst, and NAND Research an industry analyst firm, that engages in, or has engaged in, research, analysis, and advisory services with many technology companies, which may include those mentioned in this article. The author does not hold any equity positions with any company mentioned in this article.