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Quick Take: New Dell PowerEdge Models

Dell Technologies announced enhancements to its PowerEdge server portfolio. The servers are designed for versatility and aim to simplify operations across various sectors, including CSPs, small businesses, and edge operations.

The enhancements offer increased compute power, enabling these servers to handle a range of compute-intensive workloads more efficiently.

Key Features

  1. CSP Editions (R670 CSP and R770 CSP)
    • Optimized for high-performance computing tasks like virtualization and data analytics.
    • Feature Smart Cooling technology for energy efficiency and adaptability to changing environments.
    • Part of the Dell Early Access Program, allowing CSPs to evaluate and scale production from the onset.
  2. Intel® Xeon® 6 Efficient Core Processor Integration
    • First to market, delivering up to 2.3x more performance per rack than previous generations.
    • Equipped with Dell Open Server Manager on OpenBMCTM, facilitating simplified management in large, mixed environments.
  3. Data Center – Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) Architecture
    • Debuting in these servers, DC-MHS supports easier integration into existing infrastructure by standardizing server designs, enhancing flexibility and customer choice.
  4. Compact Servers (PowerEdge T160 and R260)
    • Designed for small businesses and remote offices, offering powerful computing in a smaller footprint.
    • The T160 and R260 feature Intel® Xeon® E-2400 processors, doubling performance from previous generations.
    • Include environmentally friendly designs, with the T160 using sustainable materials and being 23% more power efficient.

Dell’s PowerEdge server line enhancements are designed to meet the growing demands for more efficient and powerful computing solutions across various sectors. The introduction of servers tailored for CSPs and small business environments reflects Dell’s recognition of the IT industry’s diversified needs.

With its focus on performance, efficiency, and sustainability, Dell continues to lead in server technology, providing powerful and adaptable solutions to the changing landscapes of IT infrastructure. This ongoing innovation reinforces Dell’s role as a critical enabler of modern data centers, cloud environments, and edge computing platforms.

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