Quick Take: VAST Data Platform Achieves NVIDIA Partner Network Certification

VAST Data announced that its VAST Data Platform has been certified as a high-performance storage solution for NVIDIA Partner Network cloud partners. The certification highlights VAST’s position as a leading data platform provider for AI cloud infrastructure and enhances its collaboration with NVIDIA in building next-generation AI factories.

Key Elements of the Announcement

  1. Certification as a High-Performance Storage Solution:
    • The VAST Data Platform has been certified by the NVIDIA Partner Network, recognizing its capabilities in supporting large-scale AI cloud infrastructure.
    • This certification validates the platform’s performance, reliability, and integration with NVIDIA technologies, providing confidence to organizations deploying AI models at scale.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration with NVIDIA:
    • The partnership with NVIDIA strengthens VAST’s role in developing advanced AI infrastructure.
    • The certification allows for deeper integration with NVIDIA technologies, facilitating the creation of more efficient and powerful AI solutions.
  3. Comprehensive Storage and Data Services:
    • The VAST Data Platform offers a unified set of storage and data services tailored for AI cloud environments.
    • It supports training and fine-tuning AI models of various sizes, from multimodal and small language models with fewer than ten billion parameters to the world’s largest models exceeding one trillion parameters.

Strategic Implications:

  1. Service Provider-Grade Reliability:
    • The VAST Data Platform provides 99.9999% (six nine’s) availability, ensuring high reliability for production systems.
    • This level of reliability is crucial for service providers offering AI-based solutions, as it minimizes downtime and maximizes operational efficiency.
  2. Secure Multi-Tenancy:
    • The platform incorporates a zero-trust framework, per-tenant data encryption, flexible network segmentation, and robust audit capabilities.
    • These features enable cloud service providers (CSPs) to deliver secure and compliant cloud services at scale, protecting sensitive data across multiple tenants.
  3. Fine-Grained Workload Isolation:
    • Granular quality-of-service policies prevent multi-tenant I/O contention, ensuring optimal performance and data access for numerous customers.
    • This capability is essential for CSPs managing diverse and demanding AI workloads within a single infrastructure.
  4. Infrastructure Cost Savings:
    • By consolidating storage silos into a single all-flash solution, the VAST Data Platform reduces infrastructure costs.
    • Eliminating data copies and sprawl further enhances cost efficiency, making it an attractive solution for both service providers and enterprises.
  5. Improved Operational Efficiency:
    • The platform offers robust APIs and SDKs, enabling seamless integration and automation.
    • All Day 2 operations, including upgrades, can be performed online, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing the customer experience.


The certification of the VAST Data Platform by the NVIDIA Partner Network is a significant milestone, reinforcing VAST’s leadership in AI cloud infrastructure. The platform’s advanced storage, data services, and security capabilities make it a preferred choice for CSPs looking to confidently and efficiently deploy large-scale AI models.

VAST has found solid success in the GPU-cloud space and is a natural choice for enterprises and service providers as the data infrastructure for the generative AI lifecycle.

Disclosure: The author is an industry analyst, and NAND Research an industry analyst firm, that engages in, or has engaged in, research, analysis, and advisory services with many technology companies, which may include those mentioned in this article. The author does not hold any equity positions with any company mentioned in this article.