Infinidat Grows Its Momentum With New Cloud & Cyber-Resiliency Offerings

Background The storage market is the most competitive that I’ve ever seen. While enterprise sales cycles are unusually elongated, and the market is stuttering forward in fits-and-starts, innovation continues unabated. Nearly any solution currently offered by the top five storage vendors can be deployed without regret – there’s no dog in the bunch. As a […]

APEX Is The Center Of Dell’s Multi-Cloud Strategy

Background Nearly every OEM today offers some form of consumption-based infrastructure. Hewlett Packard Enterprise paved the way, and bet the company, on its HPE GreenLake offerings. Lenovo’s TruScale is another excellent option. The storage industry has also stepped up, with Pure Storage’s Evergreen offerings and NetApp’s Keystone each making industry-best storage solutions available as consumption-based […]

Cognizant Shows Growing Momentum In Health Sciences

Background Cognizant is a professional services company – that employs a workforce of over 350,000 associates. Cognizant makes its money, and furthers its reputation, helping other organizations achieve their digital transformation goals. It has a substantial presence in health sciences, communications, financial services, and automotive, to touch on just a few of its market segments. Cognizant […]

Inside the IBM FlashSystem Realtime Ransomware Detection

Background As the market for cybersecurity products explodes, we’re also beginning to see innovative approaches to detecting threats built into the infrastructure. A storage array, for example, should be able to detect data corruption. After all, storage is where your data lives. The challenge, however, is that a storage array often needs more context to […]

Nutanix’s Project Beacon Lights The Way To A Unified Hybrid Multi-Cloud Future

Background In the hybrid-cloud world, every infrastructure has a distinct way of managing workloads. Every cloud, even on-prem consumption-based offerings, forces a different control plane. Unfortunately, for all the flexibility that the cloud enables, that flexibility is offset by increased complexity. This is a problem facing nearly every enterprise IT shop. Nutanix’s Cloud Manager offering […]