Research Note: IBM Research’s Breakthrough in Error Mitigation/Correction for Quantum Computing

In a new paper published in the journal Nature, IBM Research describes a new approach that addresses a fundamental challenge in quantum computing: the vulnerability of quantum hardware to errors caused by environmental noise. This issue is a significant hurdle in developing and operating utility-scale quantum circuits, which are essential for practical applications of quantum computing.

Research Note: IBM Introduces New Consulting Advantage

Image of IBM Watsonx Logos

IBM Consulting is introducing a significant advancement in business consulting with the launch of IBM Consulting Advantage. This new AI services platform aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of IBM consultants in their client engagements. It incorporates proprietary methods, assets, and AI-driven Assistants, drawing on IBM’s technological prowess and strategic partnerships.

SentinelOne Earnings Validates Strategy

SentinelOne Logo

SentinelOne released earnings for its most recent quarter that beat consensus estimates for the top and bottom line for the third consecutive quarter, showing a dramatic year-over-year increase in revenue, annual recurring revenue (ARR), and growth in gross margin.

Research Note: Cisco Acquires Isovalent


Cisco, a global leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions, recently announced a strategic move to redefine the landscape of multi-cloud networking and security with its intent to acquire Isovalent.

Research Note: IBM Acquires Advanced


IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire application modernization capabilities from Advanced, positioned by IBM as a strategic move to bolster its position in hybrid cloud and AI.

IBM And Meta Launch an AI Alliance for Safe AI

Created by IBM and Meta, the AI Alliance is a testament to the belief that open and transparent innovation is crucial for harnessing AI advancements in a way that prioritizes safety, diversity, and widespread economic opportunity.