Quick Take: Databricks Acquires Einblick

Databricks recently acquired the team behind Einblick, a natural language data science notebook. The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, is the latest in a series of strategic purchases by Databricks, including the $100 million acquisition of data replicator Arcion, the $1.3 billion deal for Mosiac ML, and the acquisition of data governance platform Okera for an undisclosed amount.

Einblick, founded in 2019 by MIT and Brown University researchers, has developed an AI-native platform that simplifies complex data problems into natural language queries. Integrating AI directly into its interface, this platform allows users to convert queries into comprehensive data workflows effortlessly. Users can instruct Einblick’s AI assistant, Einblick Prompt, in natural language to perform tasks like generating heat maps from data, which the platform accomplishes using SQL, Python, and logical operators.

Einblick’s platform can connect to various data sources, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Snowflake. It also offers ChartGen AI, a free web tool for creating charts from different data file formats. The technology’s ability to understand general language and decode company-specific jargon and nuances is particularly noteworthy.

Databricks plans to integrate Einblick’s technology into its Data Intelligence Platform, augmenting the capabilities gained from acquiring MosaicML. This move aligns with Databricks’ mission to simplify and democratize data and AI, aiming to make data insights accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.


This acquisition marks Databricks’ fourth major purchase in a year, following significant deals with Arcion, Mosaic ML, and Okera. These acquisitions, particularly the latest with Einblick, underscore Databricks’ aggressive expansion and innovation strategy, which aims to bolster its position as a one-stop solution for enterprise data storage and analysis needs.

By integrating Einblick’s natural language processing capabilities into its existing Data Intelligence Platform, Databricks is not just adding a feature; it’s significantly enhancing the user experience and broadening the platform’s appeal to a broader range of enterprise users. This move is a direct response to the growing competition in the data analytics market, particularly from Snowflake, which has also been active in acquisitions.

The ability to query and analyze data through natural language simplifies the data analysis process, potentially democratizing data insights across various levels of an organization. This aligns well with Databricks’ mission to streamline and democratize the use of data and AI.

Databricks’ acquisition of Einblick is a strategic move that enhances its competitive edge in the data analytics and AI industry. It reflects a clear vision of making advanced data analytics more accessible and user-friendly, a crucial factor as businesses increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making.

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