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Quick Take: New Relic Brings Observability to Atlassian

At the recent Atlassian Team24 event, New Relic announced new integrations with Atlassian’s offerings to enhance the efficiency of incident management and resolution within software development environments. This makes New Relic the first and only observability platform integrated into Atlassian’s new capability to track incidents in Jira Software.

Critical Aspects of the New Capabilities:

  1. Incident Management Integration:
    • New Relic is integrated directly into Jira Software’s new Incidents tab. This setup allows incidents detected by New Relic to be automatically populated into Jira, giving teams immediate visibility and access to critical data about production issues.
  2. Enhanced Observability and Response:
    • The integration enables development teams to monitor application performance in real-time and directly link observability data with incident management workflows. This allows for quicker identification, prioritization, and resolution of issues, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.
  3. Streamlined Workflows:
    • Connecting incident details from New Relic with Jira issues minimizes the need to switch between different systems.
  4. Proactive Incident Prevention:
    • Post-incident reviews (PIRs) are enhanced with real-time data from New Relic, helping teams understand root causes and explore remediation options.
  5. Cross-Platform Collaboration:
    • The collaboration focuses on incident response and broader integration across Atlassian and New Relic products, including error tracking and deployment optimization. For example, the New Relic errors inbox is integrated with Jira for better error management. Bitbucket, another Atlassian product, benefits from New Relic’s observability features to monitor and optimize deployments.

The partnership between New Relic and Atlassian aims to bring software development and IT operations teams closer together, enhancing their ability to deliver high-performing software consistently.


The integration of New Relic and Atlassian clearly indicates the growing necessity for seamless communication between monitoring platforms and incident management tools.

By embedding New Relic’s observability data directly into Jira’s workflow, the effort promises to enhance the visibility of software performance issues, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. This is particularly crucial in high-stakes environments where time to resolution is correlated with customer satisfaction and revenue.

The collaboration is poised to offer both New Relic and Atlassian competitive advantages. By combining forces, they not only enrich their product offerings but also increase their appeal to a broader range of customers seeking integrated solutions that reduce complexity and overhead. This is a smart move in a market where differentiation and added value are crucial to customer retention and acquisition.

The work undertaken by New Relic and Atlassian reflects a deeper understanding of the needs of modern development and operational teams, potentially driving further innovations in the tech tool space.

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