Quick Take: Panasas Rebrands as VDURA, Shifts to SaaS Model

Legacy parallel file system provider Panasas is transitioning from hardware sales to focusing on the public cloud under its new brand, VDURA. Traditionally, Panasas offered the PanFS software platform, which supports high-capacity drives and diverse connectivity options targeting the HPC market.

Under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Ken Claffey, the company is shifting to a software-as-a-service model. The move is intended to meet customers’ varied performance and cost needs, particularly for HPC and AI.

Source VDURA

VDURA will leverage a wider array of hardware systems with a new partnership with Avnet Direct Connect and is also planning a significant public cloud partnership to be announced later this year. This strategy allows for customization and cost savings by enabling a mix of storage media types, contrasting with competitors that may rely solely on flash storage.

The rebrand to VDURA is a response to market pressures, such as rising flash memory prices, making flexible and economical storage strategies essential. The new approach aligns with the hybrid storage models used by hyperscalers.

VDURA’s software will be compatible across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-native environments, aiming to enhance capacity, performance, and data durability. The move positions VDURA to compete strongly in the storage market, particularly as the demand for AI applications grows.


VDURA’s decision to exit the hardware business and focus on a SaaS model is a significant shift from traditional dependency on proprietary hardware systems. Still, it’s. It’s also aligned with a broader industry trend where flexibility and scalability in storage solutions are increasingly valued over hardware-specific solutions.

The rebranding as VDURA and its strategic pivot are well-timed and strategically sound responses to evolving market dynamics. This transition will likely strengthen VDURA’s market position, particularly as the demand for flexible and efficient data storage solutions continues to grow in the era of big data and AI.

The parallel file system market has become very competitive, with companies like WEKA and VAST Data stepping up to solve many of the same problems traditionally tackled by traditional parallel file systems like the one offered by VDURA. Embracing the new realities of modern AI and HPC environments is strategically vital for VDURA.

VDURA’s rebranding and pivot reflect a well-timed and strategically sound response to the evolving market dynamics. The transition will likely strengthen its market position, particularly as the demand for flexible and efficient data storage solutions grows in the era of big data and AI.

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