Quick Take: OpenText Cloud Edition 24.1

OpenText recently announced its OpenText Cloud Edition 24.1, bringing new generative AI capabilities to its OpenText Content Aviator, while also bringing new features targeting supply chain efficiency, improved business intelligence, security and governance, and even DevOps. There’s a lot in this release; let’s take a look.

Expanded Aviator GenAI Capabilities

OpenText Aviator is OpenText’s solution that leverages the power of generative AI to solve complex information management challenges. Through AI-driven processes, Aviator facilitates advanced capabilities like document analysis, summarization, translation, and business workspace automation.

A significant enhancement in OpenText CE 24.1 is the integration of OpenText Content Aviator with OpenText Extended ECM, which brings generative AI-powered capabilities to document analysis, summarization, and translation. This integration accelerates finding relevant information, enabling users to focus on more value-driven tasks.

Additionally, OpenText IT Operations Aviator in CE 24.1 extends generative AI features to all customers, including those using cloud and off-cloud services.

This upgrade, part of OpenText Service Management Automation X, SMAX, enhances IT service management with AI chatbots while ensuring data privacy and ethical response controls.

OpenText also introduced Aviator Thrust Studio to support the developer community, offering tools for efficient application deployment, including low-code modelers and automated CI/CD pipeline integration.

Furthermore, the Aviator Thrust for Partners Program provides access to a comprehensive set of APIs for application development and real-life solution creation, along with OpenText’s support.

These enhancements in OpenText Aviator underscore the company’s ongoing commitment to merging AI with information management, aiming to revolutionize and streamline work processes in the digital era.

Other Notable CE 24.1 Features

While Aviator is one of the most notable features of the new OpenText CE 24.1 release, plenty more will interest IT professionals.

The update integrates the OpenText Vertica analytical database with OpenText Magellan BI and Reporting – Public Cloud. This integration delivers enhanced analytical performance at an unlimited scale for cloud-based enterprise business intelligence.

OpenText CE 24.1 addresses the supply-chain need for accelerated time-to-revenue, adding a pre-built and configurable Microsoft Dynamics 365 EDI integration adapter. This adapter enhances the OpenText Business Network Cloud’s connectivity and should expedite transaction flows between internal systems and external trading partners.

To address the increasing data privacy and governance challenges, OpenText has elevated OpenText Voltage Fusion and integrated it with its Content Cloud solution, OpenText Extended ECM. Voltage Fusion seamlessly combines data discovery, classification, and insights with data security and usage monitoring, effectively managing sensitive data. This integration will help cybersecurity leaders better protect sensitive data.

The new release continues transforming contact centers with advanced solutions, extending capabilities from OpenText Qfiniti Explore to CCaaS solution providers like Sinch. This integration offers valuable customer insights, enriching customer interactions and streamlining operations aligned with strategic goals.


The updates in OpenText Cloud Editions 24.1 signify a substantial progression in the company’s digital transformation strategy, showcasing a broadened scope of innovation across its product suite.

Aviator is the highlight of the release, with its new capabilities marking a significant advancement in harnessing artificial intelligence for information management.

Aviator’s integration into OpenText’s Extended ECM platform is a strategic move, bringing generative AI to the forefront of document and workspace management. This integration demonstrates a clear understanding of the need for speed and automation in today’s fast-paced business environments.

The introduction of OpenText Content Aviator, with its chat-based interface, not only simplifies document analysis and translation but also represents a shift towards more interactive and intuitive user experiences in enterprise software. This expansion is particularly noteworthy as it brings AI-driven enhancements to IT service management, a critical area for operational efficiency.

While the AI-driven Aviator attracts the most attention, this release includes a lot of goodness, including updates that address supply-chain efficiency, enhanced BI capabilities, new DevOps tools, and even privacy and governance.

OpenText competes against technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, and Adobe in an aggressive and crowded market. The company’s ability to deliver rapid innovation to the market keeps OpenText in a leadership position; the new release is continuing evidence of that momentum. Top of Form

The updates in CE 24.1 reinforce OpenText’s position as a leader in digital transformation solutions and reflect a keen insight into businesses’ evolving technological demands. OpenText is well-positioned as a pivotal partner for organizations navigating the complexities of the digital era. Helping organizations quickly derive value from data is a complex problem, one that OpenText seems to be handily solving.

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