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VAST Data to Provide Data Infrastructure for Lambda

Lambda and VAST Data have engaged in a new strategic partnership that brings the VAST Data Platform to Lambda. This follows similar announcements from CoreWeave and G42 Cloud, both of which unveiled similar relationships with VAST over the past few months.

New: VAST Data/Lambda Relationship

VAST Data and Lambda have embarked on a new strategic partnership to develop an elite hybrid cloud service tailored specifically for AI and deep learning operations. Lambda has chosen the VAST Data Platform to bolster its On-Demand GPU Cloud, ensuring optimal GPU deployments for Large Language Model (LLM) training.

The partnership emphasizes a dedicated hybrid cloud experience tailored to AI and deep learning workloads. As businesses increasingly use a mix of on-premises, private cloud, and third-party public cloud services, having an optimized hybrid cloud solution for AI can offer flexibility, scalability, and performance advantages.

The VAST Data Platform provides advanced data management, analytics, and security features. This includes the VAST DataSpace for efficient hybrid cloud data operations, structured and unstructured data analytics, and multi-layered security with a zero-trust configuration. Such capabilities are vital for businesses handling large datasets and wanting to extract valuable insights while maintaining data security.        

Both companies have a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of AI and deep learning infrastructure. Their combined expertise and resources could lead to innovative solutions that accelerate AI training, improve data management, and foster global collaboration. Such advancements can help businesses and researchers tackle complex problems, driving the AI and deep learning industry forward.


Founded in 2012, Lambda has been selling solutions in this market longer than most, and the company holds a deep understanding of the demands placed on the underlying data infrastructure. This is also where VAST shines.

The new partnership between Lambda and VAST Data is significant. While public cloud providers build infrastructure to support a broad range of applications, Specialty AI hyperscalers don’t have that luxury.

Providers such as Lambda, CoreWeave and G42 Cloud build their business and derive their success by delivering infrastructure that’s second-to-none for high-performance deep learning. To be competitive, these companies must provide that infrastructure without compromise. It speaks volumes that top AI providers such as Lambda and CoreWeave trust VAST Data to enable that competitive advantage.

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