NVIDIA Grows Momentum in Public Cloud

NVIDIA lives at the center of the AI revolution. Its GPUs are the most common, and most powerful. Beyond its hardware, NVIDIA is enabling the adoption of AI with software tools that span the gamut from edge inference to autonomous driving to medical imaging. The list truly is limitless.

NVIDIA Updates Data Center Platform Strategy at GTC 2023

It’s become clear that NVIDIA strives to own the entire platform for AI-infused analytics. The time is right, as accelerated AI is fueling a shift in how enterprises derive value from their data and how businesses operate and engage with their customers.

HPE Grows GreenLake with OpsRamp Acquisition

HPE has filled the gaps in its GreenLake offerings with an aggressive run of strategic acquisitions. Since announcing GreenLake in 2018, HPE has acquired nearly a dozen companies that directly contribute to GreenLake functionality. Today it added OpsRamp to that list.

VAST Data Reports Record Momentum in 2022

VAST is not a company that’s shy about its success or aspirations, and appears to have reasonable cause to brag. VAST Data told us this week that it more than doubled its business in 2022, exiting the year with its best quarter in company history.

The Komprise 2022 State of Unstructured Data Management Report

Komprise Analysis can look at all an enterprise’s file and object storage, independent of the underlying storage technology, to quickly generate a unified view of how that data is being used, how fast it’s growing, access patterns, and even who is using that data.