Elastic Introduces Generative AI for Observability & GA’s Universal Profiling

Elastic, the company behind the industry-leading Elasticsearch, today unveiled two significant updates: Elastic AI Assistant for Observability and the general availability of its Universal Profiling features. These enhancements cater to the needs of IT site reliability engineers (SREs) who deal with complex IT environments and pressing issues.

Let’s look at each.

News: Elastic AI Assistant for Observability

This tool harnesses the power of generative AI (GAI) to streamline problem resolution for SREs. Utilizing GAI and proprietary data delivers context-aware insights, making remediation faster and more accurate. The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE) further accelerates problem resolution by enhancing understanding of application errors, log messages, alerts, and code efficiency suggestions. The interface facilitates collaboration and visualization of telemetry data, all while offering access to proprietary data and runbooks for effective remediation.

News: Universal Profiling

Elastic has launched Universal Profiling to address challenges in cloud-native environments. This feature provides always-on, zero-instrumentation profiling with low overhead. It helps pinpoint performance bottlenecks, even in components that cannot be instrumented, offering visibility into third-party libraries. This capability aids in resolving issues quickly, reducing cloud costs, and track and reduce infrastructure’s environmental impact.

These innovations aim to empower SRE teams with context-aware insights and streamlined operations, making managing increasingly complex IT environments easier.


Generative AI is changing how IT practitioners engage with IT infrastructure, transforming what has traditionally been a structured and technical interaction into plain-spoken language. Vendors are tuning large language models (LLMs) with domain-specific knowledge to enable IT teams to engage more effectively with the platform. Elastic is doing precisely this.

Elasticsearch’s use of generative AI in its Relevance Engine simplifies and accelerates the path to resolution for SREs while reducing the overall opportunity for error. This is an ideal use of generative AI technology, one that we applaud.

The new Universal Profiling capability doesn’t leverage generative AI but follows the theme of simplifying infrastructure management for SREs. Elasticsearch’s Universal Profiling allows its users to identify and resolve issues quickly.

In an era where the availability of IT resources can directly impact an organization’s competitiveness, anything that reduces friction for SREs is a good thing. Elastic is providing a nice set of updates. 

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