Graphic depicting OpenText Aviator

OpenText Releases Aviator AI Tools for Business & Technologists

OpenText unveiled a broad expansion of its enterprise-class Aviator platform with new AI capabilities spanning business and technology needs.

Aviator for Business

OpenText Aviator for Business is a part of the OpenText Aviator platform that focuses on enhancing various business functions and operations using AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. It leverages a range of generative AI solutions designed to help businesses improve their processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences.

OpenText Aviator for Business provides AI-powered tools and solutions that address various business needs, including IT operations, software delivery, content management, customer communications, cybersecurity, and supply chain management.

The suite contains components targeted at some of the most common business challenges:

  • OpenText IT Operations Aviator is a generative AI virtual agent designed for OpenText Service Management Automation X (SMAX) that enables an intuitive self-service experience, expedites issue resolution, and increases operational efficiency in IT service management, all targeted at enhancing the end-user experience.
  • OpenText DevOps Aviator focuses on improving software delivery by employing generative AI capabilities to optimize the software delivery process. It helps with feature prediction, automatic test creation and authoring, and risk reduction to enhance software quality.
  • OpenText Content Aviator optimizes information retrieval by providing an interactive chat interface that supports natural language queries, thus streamlining content discovery.
  • OpenText Experience Aviator integrates generative AI capabilities with Customer Communications Management (CCM) software. This integration helps marketing, communications, and customer service support teams create well-formed and relevant materials more efficiently, improving development productivity.
  • OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator offers AI-enhanced rapid deployment capabilities and cloud-based efficiency for cybersecurity. It helps organizations implement new threat detection models to protect against various sophisticated and evolving threats.
  • OpenText Business Network Aviator brings generative AI into the OpenText Business Network, allowing organizations to access precise information related to their supply chain operations.

OpenText provides a set of tools with its Aviator for Business that will undoubtedly enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve enterprise user experiences. Bottom of Form

Aviator for Technologists

OpenText Aviator for Technologists caters to the needs of technology professionals and organizations. This platform provides tools, connectors, and solutions that facilitate advanced data management, analytics, visualization, and IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities for intelligent decision-making.

Here’s an overview of the components within OpenText Aviator for Technologists:

  • OpenText Aviator Platform offers tools and connectors for managing enterprise-grade data warehouses, data lakes, structured and unstructured data analytics, and data visualization.
  • OpenText Aviator Search introduces advanced capabilities allowing users to transition from traditional search methods to interactive, conversation-based searches. It spans various data types and repositories, making it suitable for building custom solutions, portals, or user experiences within an enterprise.
  • OpenText Aviator IoT aims to better connect and protect IoT endpoints,  providing real-time insights and visibility into the location, condition, utilization, performance, and health of IoT assets.
  • OpenText Aviator Thrust & Thrust Studio includes cloud API services and developer tools to facilitate secure information flows, support custom AI solutions, and accelerate the development of AI-embedded applications.
  • OpenText Aviator Lab is a partnership program for experimentation with professional AI experts. It helps customers accelerate AI development through rapid prototyping and the creation of AI reference architectures within a secure sandbox environment.

OpenText Aviator for Technologists is focused on providing technology professionals with tools and solutions that enhance data management, analytics, IoT connectivity, and the development of AI-powered applications.


OpenText has long worked to solve information management challenges with a broad and diverse portfolio of offerings across domains that include enterprise content management, IT operations, cybersecurity, database solutions, and developer tools. After all, the company’s mission is to assist organizations in unlocking the potential of their information, making it available for strategic decision-making, collaboration, and innovation.

While OpenText stands out among technology vendors with its extensive enterprise software portfolio, the company isn’t standing still. As the new Aviator offerings demonstrate, OpenText is rapidly evolving its portfolio to embrace the power of generative AI.

The new Aviator offerings are an excellent application of generative AI to solve real-world enterprise challenges. Everything OpenText announced today has the potential to dramatically improve efficiency across a broad swath of enterprise functions.

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