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ServiceNow Introduces Now Assist, Bringing GenAI to its Now Platform

ServiceNow unveiled its new “Now Assist” family of solutions earlier this month as part of a major expansion of its powerful Now Platform, introducing new generative AI capabilities for IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, HR Service Delivery, and creators.

The new Now Assist functionality from ServiceNow allows every enterprise persona, from employees to agents to developers, to harness the power of generative AI in various unique and powerful ways. ServiceNow is initially introducing these new capabilities into four targeted workflows.

New: Now Assist for IT Service Management

Within IT Service Management (ITSM), Now Assist delivers tools with the potential to significantly enhance the IT experience. By providing comprehensive summaries of incident histories and real-time interactions with virtual agents, the platform offers complete answers instead of mere search results, enabling agents to resolve issues and requests promptly without requiring users to reiterate their concerns.

Now Assist for ITSM also generates contextual summaries of incidents and resolution notes, facilitating the implementation of incident management best practices and leading to faster incident resolution. It’s a robust set of capabilities that should deliver a demonstratable improvement in agent productivity while enabling a more streamlined and satisfactory employee experience.

New: Now Assist for Customer Service Management (CSM)

For Customer Service Management (CSM), Now Assist streamlines the entire customer service process, resulting in higher agent productivity, potential cost savings, and an enhanced customer experience. It achieves this by swiftly generating summaries for cases and chat interactions, reducing manual work for agents, and enabling faster resolution of customer issues.

In addition, it enhances the self-service experience for customers, providing access to resources that expedite issue resolution, ultimately leading to higher case deflection and cost reduction.

New: Now Assist for Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD)

Now Assist also has functionality that will help improve Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD). Now Assist assists HR leaders in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency by allowing them to reduce redundant manual tasks within HR teams and offering employees the answers they need with minimal disruption to their daily activities.

HR managers can efficiently address various issues, such as payroll discrepancies and paperwork changes, by reviewing instant summaries of case topics, prior interactions from live chat and virtual agent sessions, and previous resolutions and actions. This equips HR teams to address problems quickly and with confidence.

New: Now Assist for Creator

Now Assist for Creator supports development teams in rapidly creating and scaling applications on the Now Platform. Trained on ServiceNow’s proprietary engineering code, this offering delivers higher-quality, more scalable results. It ensures the processed data on the platform maintains a superior level of security compared to other code-generation technologies.

An exciting feature, text-to-code, is now generally available, converting natural language text into high-quality code suggestions and, in some instances, complete code. Text-to-code fosters seamless coding experiences across the enterprise, promoting rapid development and increased productivity.


We’re seeing an overwhelming number of GenAI-enhanced features introduced into software products daily. ServiceNow isn’t just following a trend; Now Assist is enterprise-grade AI, delivered and backed by ServiceNow’s strength and unmatched legacy. 

ServiceNow brings a robust set of AI enablers to its platform with Now Assist. The company is weaving AI into nearly every process and workflow, optimizing performance, and adhering to ServiceNow’s controls for ethical and responsible AI development and use. It’s a solid addition to the Now Platform.

Now Assist demonstrates ServiceNow’s ongoing commitment to innovation, innovation which defines its reputation as a leader in digital workflow automation. This is a really nice offering that will make ServiceNow more competitive while increasing its existing customers’ satisfaction and productivity. That’s a compelling story.

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