Ampere’s Momentum Continues with New Oracle Database Support

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Oracle and Ampere Computing held an event today to talk about Ampere’s role at Oracle, in Oracle’s cloud business, and in support of Oracle’s enterprise Oracle Database.  Today’s announcement goes beyond Oracle Database simply gaining support for a new processor architecture. The news acknowledges Ampere’s credibility, will contribute to Ampere’s growing momentum, and will play […]

HPE Brings AI-as-a-Service to the Enterprise with Its GreenLake for LLMs

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise has always taken a decidedly infrastructure-centric approach to delivering flexible consumption-based compute, storage, and networking to enterprise IT. HPE provides that flexibility through its popular HPE GreenLake offerings. Last week at its annual HPE Discover Event in Las Vegas, HPE introduced the first of what the company says will be many domain-specific […]

NVIDIA H100 Dominates New MLPerf v3.0 Benchmark Results

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To know how a system performs across a range of AI workloads, you look at its MLPerf benchmark numbers. AI is rapidly evolving, with generative AI workloads becoming increasingly prominent, and MLPerf is evolving with the industry. Its new MLPerf Training v3.0 benchmark suite introduces new tests for recommendation engines and large language model (LLM) […]

MongoDB Embraces AI & Reduces Developer Friction With New Features

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Servicing the quickly evolving needs of modern application development requires rapid innovation and fast product cycles. MongoDB demonstrated both last week at its MongoDB.local 2023 event in New York City, introducing a broad set of new features and services. The announcements cover a wide breadth of territory, with new capabilities to leverage the latest AI […]

Pure Storage Unveils New Market-Expanding Storage Products At Pure Accelerate

At Pure Accelerate, Pure Storage announced a new capacity-optimized scalable storage solution, new generations of its FlashArray storage products, new flash modules, and even new data resiliency SLAs in Evergreen//One. There’s a lot here that will make Pure’s customers happy. Its new capacity-optimized solutions should also give investors something to smile about. Replacing HDDs with Flash […]

Oracle Introduces new Exadata X10M for High-Performance OLTP Database

Oracle Corporation continues its cycle of redefining OLTP database performance with its purpose-built Exadata platforms. Last week the company continued the tradition, introducing its twelfth Exadata platform, the Oracle Exadata X10M database machine. The X10M is engineered to do only one thing: run Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Database faster and better than anything else […]

Elastic’s Elasticsearch Relevance Engine Enables Generative AI Search

Background The challenge for an enterprise wanting to harness the power of large language models (LLMs) is that a language model is only as capable as the data it’s trained on and understands. This hampers the ability to leverage the technology to solve real-world business problems. LLMs become infinitely more powerful when deeply integrated with […]

Scality ARTESCA 2.0 Object Storage Focuses On CyberSecurity And Enterprise Features

Background Scality is a company with the wind at its back. Chief Marketing Officer Paul Speciale recently told me that the company outgrew the overall storage market in 2022, increasing its business by about 20% year-on-year. A surprising amount of that business, nearly 40%, was from public sector business, while another 40% was from enterprise […]

The Innovative Cooling Approach Behind NVIDIA’s $5M COOLERCHIPS Grant

Background Cooling a data center was a challenge even before the current AI-driven boom in accelerated computing heated up. Servers run hot, with processor thermal designs reaching 500 watts by 2025. Add GPUs to the mix, some of which approach 700W today, and the problems of power consumption and heat dissipation begin to expand exponentially. […]