Research Notes


Research Note: Data Center Impact from AMD’s Q3 2023 Earnings

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) reported its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023. AMD showcased strong performance across its key segments during the quarter, including Data Center, Client, Gaming, and Embedded, with a focus on AI and high-performance computing solutions.
In this research note, we provide an overview of AMD’s key announcements and financial performance during the quarter, along with NAND Research’s analysis of what the results mean for AMD’s data center business.

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Research Note: Inside the IBM Research NorthPole Accelerator

IBM Research has developed and released details on a groundbreaking AI chip called NorthPole, which could revolutionize AI hardware systems. Unlike traditional computer chips, NorthPole integrates processing units and memory on the same chip, eliminating the von Neumann bottleneck and significantly improving efficiency.

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Research Note: Databricks Acquires Arcion

Databricks announced its intention to acquire Arcion, an enterprise data replication specialist and a part of the Databricks Ventures portfolio. The acquisition, valued at over $100 million, is set to bolster Databricks’ capability to natively ingest data from a myriad of databases and SaaS applications into their Lakehouse Platform.

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