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Observability’s Now Strategic for IT

Observability allows IT organizations to monitor and understand the internal states of systems by examining their outputs. Observability has transcended its origins in monitoring, evolving into a sophisticated discipline that leverages AI to provide deep insights and predictive capabilities; it’s become a strategic need for enterprise IT.

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Quick Take: Microsoft & Vodafone’s Strategic Engagement

Vodafone and Microsoft announced a significant 10-year strategic partnership aimed at driving digital transformation for businesses and consumers across Europe and Africa, leveraging their combined strengths in technology and connectivity.

The collaboration will focus on enhancing Vodafone’s customer experience through Microsoft’s AI, expanding Vodafone’s managed IoT connectivity platform, developing new digital and financial services for SMEs, and revamping Vodafone’s global data center strategy.

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After A Year: Checking in on IBM Ceph

It’s been about a year since IBM brought Red Hat’s OpenShift Data into the IBM Storage group. In that time, IBM has focused on addressing data challenges in AI scaling and the storage requirements to support the rapidly growing data, along with various formats and locations, within the modern hybrid-cloud enterprise.

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Quick Take: HPE to Acquire Juniper Networks

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced its definitive agreement to acquire Juniper Networks, Inc., a leader in AI-native networks, for approximately $14 billion in an all-cash transaction. This is a premium of approximately 32% over Juniper’s closing stock price on the day the deal was announced.

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Quick Take: Intel’s Big Automotive Play

At the CES show in Las Vegas, Intel outlined a bold strategy to expand its AI capabilities into the automotive sector. This includes an agreement to acquire Silicon Mobility, a company specializing in system-on-chips (SoCs) for EV energy management, marking a significant step in Intel’s pursuit of automotive market growth.

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